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Eye Care Services in Chester, VA

Maintaining your vision means getting regular eye exams and practicing preventative care. Medical conditions can affect your vision and lead to further loss of sight. At Legacy Eye Care in Chester, VA, our experts will ensure that your eye health and vision are at their best.

Preventative Eye Care

There are many eye conditions that can affect your vision, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Heavy use of computers is also something that affects everyone of all ages. Maintaining optimal eye health is critical for the best vision as you age. It’s also important to use corrective eyewear, like glasses or contact lenses, if you have a refractive error. These methods can prevent your vision from worsening,

Services We Offer

At our facility, we provide a range of eye care services to help you maintain healthy eyes and vision. This starts with an eye exam. During routine eye exams, our optometrist checks your eye functioning, eye health, and visual acuity. Our eye doctor will examine your peripheral vision, eye focusing, and other eye capabilities. We will also look for any eye diseases by checking your eye pressure, dilating your pupils, and visually inspecting your eye. Lastly, our optometrist will check your visual acuity using eye charts.

If you have a refractive error, we will determine what prescription you need. We offer eyeglasses, contact lens exams, and special contacts for those with eye or vision conditions. Our eye doctor also provides computer vision treatment and sports vision therapy.

If you are suffering from an eye condition, like cataracts or diabetic retinopathy, our optometrist will help you manage the disease and provide treatment options.

Why Is Eye Health Important?

Your eyes can deteriorate as you age. With regular eye exams, our eye doctor can monitor your eyes for any issues. Corrective treatments such as eyeglasses and contacts will correct or prevent vision loss. Maintaining good physical health through diet and exercise, along with regular eye checkups with our eye doctor, can go a long way in preserving your health into your senior years.

Schedule an Eye Exam in Chester, VA

At Legacy Eye Care, our team of professionals specializes in finding solutions that work for you. We take the time to learn what your needs are and offer different options. Serving Chester and Petersburg, VA, our experts provide any eye care services you need. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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