When you have frequent dryness, itching, burning, and other issues related to dry eyes, it can affect your ability to perform daily tasks comfortably. At Legacy Eye Care, with two offices in South Hill and additional locations in Chester and Colonial Heights, Virginia, the dedicated team of optometrists uses state-of-the-art technology, including the TearLab® Osmolarity System and the LipiFlow® System to effectively address dry eyes. Call the office nearest to you, or book online to schedule your appointment today.

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What are dry eyes?

Dry eyes, or dry eye disease, is a condition in which your eyes lack lubrication. Normally, your eyes disperse clear fluid over your eyes when you blink. This fluid, called the tear film, includes oils, mucus, and water that nourishes and protects your eyes.

When there’s a problem with the tear film, whether it involves inadequate tear production or low tear quality, it can cause significant discomfort and even vision problems.

The Legacy Eye Care team can diagnose the reason for your dry eyes and then prescribe an individualized treatment plan that suits your needs.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

Dry eye disease can cause symptoms, including:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Gritty feeling
  • Light sensitivity
  • Stringy mucus eye discharge

Dry eye disease can also cause excessive eye-watering, which is a natural reaction to eye irritation. The extra water doesn’t lubricate your eyes because it lacks oil and mucus layers.

What causes dry eyes?

There are many possible reasons for dry eye disease, ranging from environmental conditions to hormone fluctuations. One of the leading causes of dry eye disease is Meibomian gland dysfunction, in which tiny eyelid glands become clogged and unable to create tear film.

How are dry eyes diagnosed?

The Legacy Eye Care team performs a comprehensive eye exam and reviews all your symptoms to diagnose dry eyes. They have state-of-the-art equipment in the office to verify your diagnosis and gather valuable information about the root cause of your dry eye disease.

For example, the TearLab® Osmolarity System measures the amount of tears you produce. This information can help to determine whether you have dry eye disease or another condition such as eye allergies.

How are dry eyes treated?

Treatment of dry eyes can vary by person. The Legacy Eye Care team customizes treatment for the root cause of your dry eyes.

One highly advanced treatment that offers excellent results for dry eyes is the LipiFlow® system. During LipiFlow® treatment, an advanced device gently heats your Meibomian glands and mechanically massages blockages to clear the glands efficiently. Lipiflow treatments only take 12 minutes in the Legacy Eye Care office.

If your dry eyes occur because of other factors, the team can prescribe a treatment based on that specific cause. Artificial tear solutions and tear duct plugs are both common treatment options for cases of dry eyes that aren’t related to Meibomian gland dysfunction.

If you have dry eyes, take the first step toward relief by calling or booking online for the nearest Legacy Eye Care office in South Hill, Chester, or Colonial Heights, Virginia.