An eye exam is an easy way to keep your prescription up-to-date and detect eye disease early, when it’s most treatable. At Legacy Eye Care, with two offices in South Hill and additional locations in Chester and Colonial Heights, Virginia, the dedicated team of experienced optometrists offers comprehensive eye exams that help you understand your eye care needs. Call the office nearest to you, or book online to schedule your appointment today.

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What does an eye exam include?

At Legacy Eye Care, the team provides truly comprehensive eye exams. The primary areas of focus are:

Medical history and symptom review

A medical history includes a full review of your past eye exams, your general health, and your current and past medications. The team also asks about your habits and lifestyle, including your routines and the environments where you spend most of your time.

This part of the exam is also an opportunity to discuss any symptoms you’re having, like eye allergies or dry eyes.

Vision testing

The team conducts several visual acuity tests to evaluate how well you see. This includes wall charts and other tests to check your distance and near eyesight.

Depending on the results of these tests, the team may give you a prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or special eye exercises.

Eye function testing

Eye function testing includes a variety of tests to assess your color vision, depth perception, pupil light response, peripheral vision, and eye muscle movement.

The main role of eye function testing is to check for problems or conditions that might ultimately inhibit your eyesight.

Eye health testing

Eye health testing starts with eye dilation. This involves a few drops in each eye, and then you’ll wait 20 minutes or so for your pupils to open fully. Dilated eyes allow the optometry team to see all the way to the back of your eye.

Legacy Eye Care uses state-of-the-art equipment, including the Triton™ Swept Source OCT, which allows them to check for diabetic eye disease and other problems.

You may also have other tests during your comprehensive eye exam, based on your personal needs.

How often do I need a comprehensive eye exam?

The Legacy Eye Care team will give you an individual recommendation for your eye exams. Most people need eye exams once a year, but if you have sudden symptoms, you may need another exam during the diagnostic process.

How do I prepare for an eye exam?

Before your eye exam, gather a list of any medications you’re taking. If you have glasses or contacts, bring them to your appointment (even if you aren’t currently wearing them). And, if you use any over-the-counter eye product, like artificial tears, regularly, bring it to the exam as well so that the team can determine whether it’s the best way to manage your symptoms.

If you need to understand your eye care better or need a routine eye exam, you can find comprehensive eye exams at Legacy Eye Care by calling or booking online for the nearest office in South Hill, Chester, or Colonial Heights, Virginia.